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Mindcare Centre relocated from the Inner West Region of Sydney to a new home in Mullumbimby, in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, in 2021. Mindcare Centre is now located in the Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre where you can also access a range of GPs, other medical and allied health specialists, and dentistry.

Dr Hugh Morgan (psychiatrist) and Heidi Sumich (clinical psychologist) have been providing specialist mental health care since 1997, with a particular interest in ADHD and autism in adults, anxiety disorders (such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and social anxiety disorder), PTSD, and mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.

At Mindcare Centre we recognise that everyone is different. People don’t fit neatly into boxes and there is no single treatment formula that will suit everyone. Effective care is based on a commitment to understanding each person’s individual needs and circumstances then tailoring an individualised, evidence-based treatment approach.

Hugh and Heidi offer care for most of the common mental disorders from late-adolescence through adulthood. Collectively we can provide you with psychological therapy as well as medication as needed. Heidi and Hugh work collaboratively with you to negotiate a treatment approach that feels comfortable and appropriate for your needs. 

At Mindcare Centre we believe that clinicians should be appropriately qualified for the services they provide. Hugh and Heidi both have postgraduate qualifications along with practical experience built up over years of clinical work. They are registered with Medicare to enable you to claim a Medicare rebate if you have a suitable referral from your doctor.

Most clinicians tend to have areas of expertise so it is ideal to see someone who has particular skills in your area of need. Before making an appointment it may be helpful to read about Hugh and Heidi to help you identify whether they are well suited to your needs. Some people benefit from seeing both a psychiatrist and a psychologist if a variety of skills are considered necessary.

You are welcome to book in for a one-off assessment or second opinion, or to linger a little longer if you find us helpful.

Call or email our helpful reception staff today to enquire about an appointment.

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Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre
60 Stuart St, Mullumbimby NSW 2482

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