Privacy Statement

What you need to know about privacy

During consultations our clinicians record information about you to help them remember what you have said. The information is stored electronically in a password protected and encrypted format. If you have been referred by another clinician it is standard practice to write back to that person. It is sometimes also helpful for us to write to or contact other people who are involved in your care (with your permission).

Who else sees this information?

The information we record is confidential within our Centre.

We respect the privacy of people under 18 years of age however the information you give us may be discussed with your parents or guardians without your consent if this is deemed necessary for your safety.

If we have serious concerns about your safety or the safety of others, including children whom we can identify, we are required by law to do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of all concerned. This may mean revealing some or all of the information you have given us.

In some circumstances files may be subpoenaed by a court of law in which case we are legally obliged to hand over your file notes. The subpoena of files usually only occurs where the clinical interaction is related to legal proceedings such as claims for compensation, hostile custody disputes, or criminal activity.

On some occasions we may seek advice from respected colleagues so as to provide the best possible level of care. We may also discuss various cases from time to time for the purpose of ongoing education. In these situations we do not allow our colleagues to see your file notes and we do not reveal your name or identifying details. Such discussions between clinicians are vital for ongoing professional development and education.